Game seven. This is do or die. Everything is left out there on the ice. Blood, sweat, and tears pouring onto the ice.

The first period the Boston Bruins came out and peppered the young st Louis goalie.  Bennington stood tall and absorbed everything that the bruins threw at him. Even when marchard had a wide open net and Bennington got a bad push  off of his edges, Bennington says none shall pass.

Then boom Ryan O’Reily tipped the puck past tuukka rask for the first dagger of the ball game.  The blues flexed their will onto the bruins. Boom another one zooms past tuukka with ten seconds left in the game. The bruins had a mental breakdown and Alex Pietrangelo takes advantage.

The bruins fans had sweat pouring from their face. The deficit was two. The blues confidence was sky high. The puck was bouncing around for Boston. The blues controlled the puck and smothered and suffocated Boston’s attack.

The final stanza played out with the blues suffocating play. This really frustrated the bruins. However Boston did manage to put one puck past Jordan binnington. It was too little too late though. The blues had four on the scoreboard and the bruins had one. The blues are Stanley cup champs. Fifty two year losing streak is now vanquished.


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